Welcome to
Misty's  Sim Decor

I have finally got round to getting creative for our simmies!
My site is a baby at the moment, but hopefully it will grow and grow :O)

1st February 2004
White dreams

(Click for larger pic)

Sincere apologies to those that
followed the link of my affiliate
who appears to have closed
down and the URL taken over
by a totally unsuitable site :O(

Also sorry for the lack of updates,
since having my baby I have not
found the time to concentrate. Have
added a
pics page for the broody
visitors ;O)

Please note I have Hot
Date installed, this can
cause some vanishing
items for those without it.

Most of my stuff is created
working backwards from my
wall/floor sets. If you would like
me to add certain items to an
existing set, please feel free to
post requests on my Tag
Board and I will do my best.

Please do not clone any of my  
objects from other creator’s bases
(visit their site) or put any of my
items up for download elsewhere.
Items may be distributed via e-mail
at N99 POBS and between friends.
(If house builders would like to use
my walls and floors for house
downloads I am happy for them to
be included in the zip with just a
link back. I would also love to have
a look)